Instant Results


MICRODERMABRASION (crystal and organic)

45 minute single treatment$120.00
Course of 6$690.00
Course 12$1350.00
Hands (15mins)$55.00
Instant results with Microdermabrasion. We will resurface, lift off dead skin cells, kick up Collagen and Elastin, minimize acne scarring, pigmentation and work on fine lines and wrinkles. Using our Diamond, FDA and TGA approved machine, we provide the client with two types of crystals (aluminum and world patent organic) working the skin to its capacity. Treatment includes-cleanse, microderm, two types of masking, neck and shoulder massage and serum.


Using a galvanic current to penetrate the cell, loosen harden oils such as comedones and congestion and drawing it to the surface. This is a form of detoxification for your skin. Best results are achieved when followed by Microdermabrasion or exfoliation.

Non Surgical face Lift 45 min $120.00

Taking your face to the gym, our unique technology combining Fat Mobilization, Electro Muscular Stimulation and Micro current. The Diamond lift enables us to tone, tighten, lift and stimulate collagen and Elastin production under the surface. One off is fantastic to sculpt area and provide lymphatic drainage. Best results proven in a package. Immediate result.

ACNE THREE STEP 1.5 hrs $185.00

This treatment is excellent for acne prone or hormonal skin. Immediate result that will keep improving. Includes a disencrustation, Full Microdermabrasion, antibacterial infusion.


Course of 6$550.00
Hands (15mins)$25.00
First we cleanse the skin and then using our Diamond Oxygen Machine we use compressed air (no gases) to infuse the skin cells with liquid form of the highest grade of bio available oxygenation. This treatment will increase hydration, tissue repair and plumps the cells with an immediate result. Diamond technology allows the addition of a concentrate ingredient to maximize the result (collagen, vitamin c, antibacterial, RLX)
Combine Microdermabrasion & Oxygen treatment 60min $170.00

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