About Seeds Of Beauty

We are a  forward thinking and advanced beauty clinic in Melbourne, offering high quality beauty therapy and skin care solutions to our patrons. Seeds of Beauty Skin & Body Clinic in Camberwell, Melbourne is a wonderful, unique, and up market clinic that offers all the advanced and latest treatment technologies in anti-aging, problematic skin conditions, as well as anti-wrinkle injection treatments. We provide all beauty therapy treatments to our customers with precision, care and attention to detail. At Seeds of Beauty, it is our aim to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of our clients.

A renowned IPL hair removal clinic in Camberwell

IPL (Intense Pulse Ligh) hair removal for Melbourne is one of our premium services, but that's just the start. With a highly experienced and caring staff with many years of experience in beauty and anti-aging, our Seeds of Beauty clinic in Melbourne exceeds the standard of the industry. Unlike the usual skin care clinic in Melbourne, we have a fully qualified doctor, aesthetic clinician, dermal clinician, IPL therapist, and masseur. This makes any new youthful look a reality all in one location. Whatever your needs, this skin and body clinic is sure to have a solution or treatment to help you
We offer a wide range of beauty treatments such as dermal filler injections, teeth whitening, lip enhancements, microdermabrasion facials, photo dynamic therapy, acne treatments and anti-wrinkle treatments as well as permanent hair removal treatments for the face and body.
For high quality body treatments, injectable enhancements, effective skin care and much more, you can rely on Seeds of Beauty.

Our Melbourne skin clinic has been in the business for many years

We are a reputable Melbourne skin clinic with many years of experience. With all of our beauty enhancement services, we can address all of your concerns and fulfill your desires.  So if you are looking for a beauty clinic to consider all of your skin and body concerns with a holistic, personalised approach, contact us at Seeds of Beauty today.